Appreciation in the Air Today?

I want to caution you that your business or organization's morale may not be as good as you think it is.  I have heard a few times recently how great the morale is from a senior manager, only to have that refuted by one of the front-line staff to me in private.  There seems to be a disconnect between people's perceptions of reality.  How can one person think it's great and another not?  It's the same organization.  I get it that some departments may feel better than others to work in for various reasons.  What I think it boils down to is a leaders ability to create the high morale their team is destined for.  If this line worker who told me that morale isn't up to par is just a negative guy and that nothing will please him, then that is a different case.  But, a good manager can ferret these people out and help them see the light.  Leadership is tough because many leaders are also performing a role of their own in addition to leading others.  But leading others won't happen by itself, it takes a strategic eye to see what is next in development and a tactical stamina to pull it off over and over again over time.  

In the spirit of Thanksgiving coming up, you know that one of my historic clarion calls is to appreciate people more.  It is the panacea that will cure a team.  And best of all it is free.  Find ways to connect and specifically appreciate your workers genuinely.  People are doing good work and I believe get up prepared to do their best for the most part.  As you build appreciation more into your world their best will be amplified.  Of course there are many other things a leader should do to build a team but appreciation is high up on the list.  Go around to your people, even people in other departments and send out appreciation to them.  Be grateful.  It may feel a little awkward at first, but that is natural.  Gratitude has immediate and cumulative effects.  It is just good business.  Remember too that appreciation doesn't just come in the form of compliments, gifts, raises, bonuses are also ways to give back to the people who make a difference day in and day out.