8 Tips for Building Trust

Mutual trust is a shared belief that we can depend on each other to achieve a common purpose. Most management gurus articulate that trust is the most foundational thing that you can do to build a relationship, build a team, or build a company. Here are 8 tips to create or enhance trust in your unique world:

  1. See other people not just as employees fulfilling a job description but as human beings with strengths and challenges, hopes and dreams just like you (humility, empathy, and common humanity);
  2. Display genuine curiosity in getting to know people—show them that you truly are interested in them as a person and not just what they can do for you;
  3. Display integrity and honesty with others by being impeccable with your word (fulfilling promises and commitments such as getting people resources they need, speaking the truth, not speaking negatively about others, confidentiality etc.);
  4. Show genuine specific appreciation as much as possible;
  5. Admit when you are wrong and seek corrective action (apology, etc.);
  6. Actively seek feedback as to how you can make your relationships better;
  7. Notice your tendency to take things personally and seek openly to understand why; we tend to want to protect our weaknesses from others and put on a mask, real trust requires vulnerability with showing our not-so-perfect self;
  8. Use humor and lightheartedness as a tool for connection (e.g. don’t be too serious).