Get the results you want

So, here is an action item that you can take: homework if you will. Start to take mental note of those things at work (or at home) that are bothersome to you. Maybe a co-worker is negative, maybe you are feeling overwhelmed with workload. Whatever is the case take stock at those pesky situations. Next see what you do in the face of them. Do you avoid? Do you become sarcastic? Do you become a jerk? There is a ton of power in realizing how you act in the face of a non-ideal situation. If you ascertain that you handle the situations well, pass go and collect $200. If not, this is a time to uphold your values. What kind of parent, worker, manager do you really want to be? What is important to you? When you get clear on this, your actions can flow from them. But…of course you need to calm down a little in the face of a trigger to see this north star of values. Otherwise we are in fight or flight mode and that’s no fun for anybody, and doesn’t really produce the results we want.