These amazing experiences fly through the window over and over again, availing themselves for me to partake in their mystery.

These amazing experiences fly through the window over and over again, availing themselves for me to partake in their mystery.

For a long time now I have had very interesting experiences happen in my life. These experiences range from very dramatic to very subtle, but nonetheless they seem to be here to stay. I call them synchronicity. Case in point: A few weeks ago I went to another city nearby to talk to a prospective client. Upon getting to the business, we agreed that since it was a beautiful day that we go outside and talk at a picnic table across a field. As we arrived at the picnic table we all sat down, and upon sitting down inscribed right in front of me on the top of the table was Jeff S. in big letters.

What is going on here? I can almost bank on something cool like this happening weekly. I told my chiropractor/kinesiologist about this, and he got. In fact he experiences it frequently as well. On one recent appointment he brought me a book, appropriately named “Synchronicity”, and I started reading it a few nights ago. It documents the work of Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli, psychologist and physicist, on their journey to figure out just what synchronicity is. After I read the first chapter, pretty heady stuff by the way, I put the book down and meditated for awhile. Then I drifted off to sleep. While sleeping I had a dream about Wisconsin for some reason, I won’t give you the details but there it is. So I woke up the next day had the day off with my daughter. I knew that Wisconsin had some part to play in my day, so I just relaxed and waited for it to come.

So here is my crazy story: My daughter wanted to go to Target to get a book, so we went and in the parking lot I asked to hold her hand. I mentioned to her that the Beatles sang a song by the same title. A half hour later when we walked into Party City, that same Beatles song was on the radio. I said to my daughter: “Oh my gosh, listen, isn’t that weird? It’s synchronicity!”

Well, a young man at the counter looked at me and told me that it happens to him all the time too. He then proceeded to tell me about quantum theories, exactly the ones that I was reading about the night before in the book! But…it gets weirder. I called my wife to tell her about this as it was happening and also mentioned that Wisconsin was in my dream. She called me back a little later to tell me she just saw a guy (she was at the beach) with a Wisconsin shirt on. The way I take these uncanny experiences is that I am in the right place, in the right person, at the right time on my journey as a human being in a vast universe. I don’t understand it, but I relish it.

My own theory as to why synchronicity happens, and is happening for a lot of my clients recently, is that I am open to it. I try to live a mindful life, mindful of my thoughts, feelings, actions, relationships, body, and work. I try to keep my senses open, and to notice the world around me. To be free of my judgmental mind, push it aside and see the tapestry of life unfolding before me at any given moment. I try to remain in the flow. And by doing so, I think my window of consciousness for the mysteries of life is open to some degree. These amazing experiences fly through the window over and over again, availing themselves for me to partake in their mystery.

Did I cause them? Are they pure chance? Hard telling not knowing. So I invite you to start to pay attention to these major and minor episodes of your day. Remember your dreams and see if any connections happen from them. Pay attention to life at any given moment, resisting the temptation to be so self-absorbed and self-focused. There is a big unseen world out there that we get privy to for some reason. Keep the vessel open and reap the rewards. Post comments on the FB page too if you want to share any of your experiences.